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Moving People Out of Poverty


37% or 27,628 school aged children in Montgomery County live at or close to poverty.
8,186 families live in poverty in Montgomery County, representing 45,869 individuals.
We believe that if our community concentrates on this #1 priority, other needs will decrease. If fam... Read More

Facilitating Access to Affordable and Quality Health Care

The Statistics:

– The number of children aged 18 and younger enrolled in Medicaid has increased by 37% in Montgomery County.
– Only a few healthcare facilities in Montgomery County accept Chips or Medicaid.

We are not in the healthcare business but seek to bring collaborative partners together to provide long term solutions. MCUW has invested in a healthcare study where the following partners have agree... Read More

Providing Temporary Assistance In the Event of a Crisis

The Statistics:

– Data from one of MCUW’s funded partners indicates that they are missing over 3,000 calls per day from citizens in need.
– Temporary crisis sometimes leads people to take out their stress on the people they love the most.
– In 2009, requests for utility bill and rent assistance continued to be the first two requests thr... Read More


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